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excellence in co-packing
SGL Co-packing has extensive experience in the manual re-packing of confectionery and cereals, etc.


What makes SGL Co-packing different?  Here are a few areas where we believe we stand out...

1.  Total project management – bespoke solutions
We are pleased to provide a one-stop shop solution for bespoke co-packing and co-manufacturing services, from concepts to delivery – all under the control of a nominated SGL planner.

2.  High quality – low cost
Our service standards and support levels are exemplary, and we regularly receive awards and praise from our customers. By adopting a rigorous approach to standards and cost control, and having an extensive yet flexible set of available
mechanical solutions, we square the circle of providing high quality services at very attractive prices.

3.  Total reliability
Our goal is total reliability through the training and development of our people, and by continuously improving our production processes, systems and quality.

4.  Flexibility
We are experts in both manual and mechanised packing – offering a cost-effective solution to every packing need – large or small.

5.  Responsiveness
We respond rapidly to changes in consumer demand and customer requirements – providing a just-in-time co-packing/co-manufacturing service for your business.

6.  Innovation
SGL Co-packing is one of the most innovative independent contract packers/contract manufacturers in the UK. We were the first in the country, for example, to offer automated clip-stripping services.

7.  High investment
We have invested heavily in packing equipment and systems – over £2 million since 2011 alone.

8.  Real-time traceability/QA
We mark product and packaging with batch or lot codes – facilitating real-time traceability for recalls within just four hours.

9.  Design of new products and promotions/R&D
We offer innovative packaging research and development support for promotional and new products – from concepts to market. Our expertise covers the design and supply of primary and secondary packaging.

We mark product and packaging with batch or lot codes – providing real-time traceability for recalls within just four hours

With its rigorous approach and extensive yet flexible set of mechanical solutions, SGL Co-packing squares the circle of providing high quality services at attractive rates

10.  Compliance
Operations are supported by relevant compliance certifications – including BRC, Sedex and Organic Farmers & Growers. We also have Marks and Spencer co-packing approval.

11.  Clean-room operations
At our principal facility we have two fully specified clean rooms. We can provide nut-free and nut-trace packing, and we also operate an Allergen Management System.

12.  Added-value services
We print and apply labels, including ingredients lists and barcodes, and also print dates and codes directly on to packaging. We undertake product/packaging inspection and auditing, along with product/packaging rework and repair.

Environmental support

Under our environmental policy we segregate and recycle everything we can – including all waste cardboard and plastic, which is compacted on site.

14.  Specialists in food and other FMCG
Our primary focus is on packing dry food (including confectionery, crisps, cereals, biscuits, snacks, etc.), plus petcare/petfood products.

15.  Strong customer base
We work for large blue-chip customers, as well as smaller FMCG companies.

16.  Warehousing/storage
Our dedicated, fully racked warehouses are integrated with our production facilities, and enable customers to bulk-buy their packaging materials and consumables – reducing both purchase and transport costs.

17.  Transport and distribution
Through our parent company we offer integrated transport and distribution solutions across the UK and worldwide.

18.  Purchasing
We create purchase orders and will place orders for film, tubs, lids, etc., directly with packaging suppliers if required. So you only need to tell us what to make... and we will do the rest!

We hope to be able to demonstrate our difference to you shortly.

SGL – the 'gold standard' for performance and service in co-packing.

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